Guidance for Your
Diversity & Inclusion Journey

The D&I Journey is challenging, it’s undefined, and at times, it’s without resources. We’ve been there, and you are there now... And we can help.

Testimonial 1 Walt Disney Company
"This is the largest turnout we have ever had for an event and we welcome the opportunity to work with you again."

Anna Grier, The Walt Disney Company

Testimonial 1 Walt Disney Company
"Stacey is a talented public speaker with the expertise and training to make a memorable impact on an audience... her presentation was one of the most well reviewed events hosted by our department. We look forward to bringing her back in the near future."

Annalee Shelton, Pepperdine University

Testimonial 1 Walt Disney Company
"Farzana brought a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the course and enriched my learning to another level. Through her gentle guidance, I was encouraged to dig deeper in my personal reflections and was enabled to speak openly and honestly in a supportive environment."

Ruth Kwok, University of British Columbia

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We live and breathe the very problems you’re tasked with solving and we know there isn’t one tried and true solution. There are several – which is what complicates your job. We can help you simplify.

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