Congratulations on completing the DEI Assessment. Based upon your responses, your organization is in the phase we at Rework Work categorize as Awareness. The starting point for any organization’s DEI journey is to be aware of the current state of their organization. Understanding where your organization is as it relates to foundational DEI concepts, metrics and grasping the why of moving forward is a first step along the path to becoming an inclusive organization.

To continue along the path to the Advocacy phase, you may be aware that diversity and inclusion within organizations does not only begin by increasing the number of represented identities across gender, race, ethnicity, ability, and age. An organization must undergo a process to become diverse and inclusive, one that starts with assessing how they are practicing the key elements in those core concepts. These elements are found in the experiences of your employees and thus can be captured through metrics, data, and other investigative tools.

Learning the state of your workplace culture will provide you with a starting point and inform your direction. Thus, assessment of trust, communication, and other key elements that are the roots of diversity and inclusion will provide you and your organization with a place your leadership team can begin to align on future action.

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Difficult Conversations About Race & Gender

A learning Journey offers lessons in perspective taking, bias, privilege, and more

Inclusive Recruiting

Be competitive and sustainable they need to be able to produce creative solutions, new innovative and capture new markets

Unconscious Bias

Recognize the negative effects of bias within your organization, as well as the benefits to uncovering bias in decision-making processes.

Diversity Recruiting

Confidently approach your leadership team to ensure that diversity is in mind and how implemented in your recruitment strategy.

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