Career Strategy Session

If you are tired of second-guessing your career decisions and would like to gain some much-needed direction, focus and a career strategy, Stacey offers a few coveted spots to get answers to those nagging career questions. Be prepared to move forward in your career after a one-on-one session with a highly sought-after career strategist.


I really can’t believe how much value I received within only a half hour of time with Stacey! I am about to embark on a journey to finding the organization that aligns with my values. As a mid-level professional in mid-career, I’ve been finding that in the past two roles, leadership is not exactly what I was sold on it to be. Stacey inspired a paradigm shift in my thinking – to uncover the kind of organizations that I should be pursuing and to do so in fresh ways, using new tools. She’s awakened an alternative perspective to a new world of opportunity. I now have clarity, control, energy, and hope. Stacey clearly outlined an action plan in our conversation, which resonated with me profoundly. Already, two weeks later, even in a pandemic, I can claim small wins toward my larger goal. Stacey invited me to follow up with her any time to ask a question or review my plan, and I am looking forward to sharing my milestones with her.

Stacey allows you to discover yourself and come into your own understanding of what you are seeking. She also provides practical and actionable advice you can apply right away to accelerate your own journey.

Stacey provided incredible support and guidance that helped to bring the focus I needed to reinitiate my search for the right position.