The Successful Interview

If you have ever wondered about the true motive of an interviewer who stands between you and the job you want, wonder no more. With reassuring advice and detailed answers to illegal questions and complex situations, this book is like a mock interview in your pocket.

Stacey provides you with:
~The answer to the one thing interviewers really want to know
~Real-world answers to crafty questions that maximize interview performance
~Guidance around gaps in your employment history and handling objections that you are “over-qualified”
~Crucial questions to ask your potential employer to find a job that fits you
~Effective tips to avoid traps and turn the interview to your advantage

Amazon Reviews:

A Job Search Relief!

Stacey presents the daunting process of job searching and interviewing into bite size pieces for job searchers to easily digest. And the advice and resources she provides in The Successful Interview will serve as an invaluable asset to your job search strategy. – S.Maxwell

Learn how to position yourself and walk confidently into your next interview

Succinct and honest interviewing advice from Stacey Gordon, a career advocate (executive recruiter and career coach) who knows how to boost your confidence, help you stand out from the crowd and win the job you want. Fresh and spirited, The Successful Interview is a quick and easy read. There is no excuse not to read it before your first or next interview. It will help you position yourself and prepare talking points for a productive conversation and successful interview. I recommend this book if you are interviewing for the first time or the first time in a long time. Through the questions and answers, Stacey shares information and covers topics unique in today’s competitive job market while making sure you don’t bore the interviewer and yourself.

What Every Career Minded Person Should Read

Just received the book last night… read it today… and may I say a thousand thank you’s! “The Successful Interview” is the perfect guide for candidates of all levels. It is cleverly written in an easy to read- and source, format. As an executive coach who works with individuals on their career direction and changes, I would highly recommend this book, for any career minded person.