The Essence of Authentic Leadership: An Interview with peopleHum

Bias is not bad. Yes, you read that right. We all have biases, most of which are developed subconsciously and ingrained in our thought processes from an early age. The work that we do at Rework Work is not aimed at removing all bias (impossible!) or changing anyone’s beliefs. Instead, we provide a framework to raises awareness and enable changes in behavior to improve workplace cultures.

Last week, I dove into what that framework looks like with Anushka Rajesh from peopleHum. On their LeadershipHum podcast series, I discussed unconscious bias and the importance of leadership, as it relates to diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives in the workplace. We also talked about the lost art of leadership development programs, and how companies are weakening their own foundations by not investing time and resources into developing others well.

Finally, we expounded on the concept of belonging and whether or not mandatory diversity training is an effective tool for removing barriers in the workplace.

Watch the full interview.

Speaking of belonging, Linkedin is currently offering its entire “Belonging” learning pathway for free, which includes my Unconscious Bias course.

Want to learn more about combating the effects of bias in the workplace? You can pre-order my new book, UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work.


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